Raj Thiruselvan Director/Producer
He began his career as a video camera operator at the age of nineteen in his home town of Madurai, India.He moved to the capital city in South India at the age of 21 and got a job in Satellite Television called Raj TV Networks as a cameraman. Meanwhile his focus shifted to learning editing by watching others, thus later on he became an editor of TV sitcoms, talk shows, and documentaries. Raj TV Network promoted him to work as a program executive/online editor for Live News from Philippines satellite earth station in Manila. He also worked in Singapore and Thailand. He started his own production company, and directed and produced international documentaries, music videos, commercials. One of his TV shows was called "The Last Call" broadcasted through Star Network VijayTV, and was successful for 3 yrs. In America in Madison, Wisconsin on WYOU Chennal 5, he was elected 3 consecutive years as one of the Board Directors for community access channel. He worked part time for FOX News and NBC. His latest feature film 'Lake of Fire" 2018 was Shortlisted for Best Original Songs and Original Score Music for the 90th Oscar Academy Awards nominations. His upcoming feature film a Romantic comedy "Curry in Love" is blending Eastern and Western Culture creating a bridge between Hollywood and Bollywood. He believes his view of film making is a divine duty. His films are drawing from ancient Vedic knowledge and Indian traditions to bring a positive message of peace and love into the modern world
Don Kidson Executive Producer
*For Fifty-Four years,DON KIDSON was the proud propritor of the famous "Busy Bee" Hardware in Santa Monica, California.(Even stars like Jerry Seinfeld visited). Don's ownership spanned from 1963 until his passing in August of 2017 at age 85. He is a mentor a wellwisher and a supporter of *Lake of Fire*. WE THANK HIM.
Adrian Sierkowski Director of cinematography
With over 20 years working in film, and multiple best cinematography awards, Adrian Sierkowski is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography. Starting his career at age 10 under the tutelage of his father, Edward Sierkowski, Adrian worked his way up through the lighting department. After a stint in the US Army, he attended Temple University in Philadelphia,
* Lake of Fire * Crew
Janina Mikrut Executive Producer
Born in New Jersey, graduated from Montclair University, moved to Southern California as an English teacher and once retired, she became involved in the movie industry after working with the script writers and watching the film shooting of the trailer *Curry in Love*. She got involved in the next movie * Lake of Fire * and became an a Executive Producer assisting with finding locations,casting actors and art department and more. Presently she became an Oscar Academy short listed movie Producer in 2018.
A.R.Rahman's Qutub E. Kripa K.M. Conservatory of Music Music
Hollywood film "Lake of Fire" songs that have been composed by Qutub-E-Kripa, an ensemble of student musicians of AR Rahman's music academy KM Music Conservatory, have been shortlisted for the Best Original Song at the 2018 Academy Awards. On Tuesday, the Academy unveiled the list of contenders which included three songs of the film--"Have you ever wondered", "I'll be gone" and "We'll party all night". Rahman, who himself won the Oscar in 2009 for "Slumdog Millionaire" in two categories-- Best Original Score and Best Original Song, congratulated the team for its success on Twitter on Tuesday. "Congratulations Qutub-E-Kripa team of A.H. Kaashif, Parag Chhabra, Riyanjali Bhowmick, Jerry Vincent, Sachin Mannat and N.D. Santosh for the 'Lake of Fire' songs shortlist for Best Original Song at the 2018 Academy Awards," he tweeted.
Alx Erwin Eidtor
A veteran of the stage, appearing in several (12) plays, from Artful Dodger (Oliver) at the age of 14, Ensign Pulver (Mister Rogers), and most recently Hawkeye (MASH). Music Composer A/V writer and editor. Edited commercials for web and broadcast. Producer, writer, director of several broadcast shows for Public Television. Drumist of several obscure touring bands during the last 20 years. College major Theatre & Communication, Kansas State University. Member of The Complex, an improvisational comedy touring troop. Producer and composer of ChakrAlign. 30 minute Chakra Alignment meditation audio cd.