Omantra Films is inspired by theories of hybridity, a mix of vision, voices, consciousness and belief's that grow within each other. Our narratives journey east and west to uncover first and developing world perspectives in the same cinematic space. By exploring and dismantling modernity and non-static traditions, our films intend to create the medium for cultural transformations by broadening the viewer's scope of multiple alternatives and to question what is best In It in order to contribute to a contemporary life. Not to prove that one is better than the other, but rather to Introduce the difference In culture In order to find our likeness. This complexity opens an In-between hybrid space. In this Intersection, collision of diverging and parallel characters, themes, spiritualities and visual styles, Omantra joins the emergence of global cinema narratives seeking undiscovered histories and lesser world voices that offer International distribution of new terrains available In several languages such as English, Hindi, Tamil and Arabic.

Specialties: Omantra is committed to collaborating with religious scholars, anthropologists, scientists, historians, philosophers, artists and people from around the globe for the purpose of unique and innovative media content.
Film Producer